Anti Gambling Group Against Slots at Track

Even if the voters decide to allow slot machines in at the proposed Biddeford the state is still going to have a fight on their hands in bringing those games to light. There are a group of people who are very much against bringing in the slot machines to the location and they are going to fight against the plans as much as they can. They say that the proposal is not valid and that residents should not have gotten the ability to vote on it in the next election. Local residents approved the referendum last year, but now it goes out to the state to get permission.

Anti Gambling Group Against Slots at Track

Most of the supporters for the slot machines live in the area, which makes it a push for money for those in that state. But the anti gambling group Casinos No! says that harness racing is going down anyway and that by bringing in theĀ huangdi the yellow emperor online slots they are essentially creating a casino in that location not a. They say that they are trying to a business and that this should not be allowed.

They have managed to get many people across the state involved in their quest to stop the slot machines, but with so many people in the immediate area pushing for them they are definitely going to have a fight on their hands. But they also have the fact that the tracks get state money each year on their side as they say that they are already supporting these businesses and that they should just let them go.

Legal Gambling Machines at Arkansas Racetracks Look Good

It looks as if the State of Arkansas is on its way of approving new gambling regulations regarding the use of electronic gambling machines that would be used in the state’s two pari-mutuel betting racetracks. Insiders within the Arkansas Racing Commission say that the passing of the regulations looks eminent, and that doing so would permit non-stop betting on the electronic machines, including Christmas and Easter Day.

One would expect a large resistance by religious conservatives regarding such a move; However, as of yet, it looks like the proposed changes will go relatively unchallenged. The electronic gambling machines have been legalized since the November 8 elections of 2005. Having passed without Governor Mike Huckabee’s signature, a legislative referendum regarding the machines was overwhelmingly supported by voters in the cities of Hot Springs and West Memphis, which is where the Oaklawn Park Thoroughbred Racetrack and Southland Greyhound Park respectively reside.

Since being passed into state law, voters have been waiting for the new regulations to go into effect. If, or rather, when they do, at least 1,000 betting machines between the two Arkansas racetracks could be permitted to allow non-stop betting every day of the year.

Although the sound of unlimited betting sounds more like unregulated betting, the Arkansas Racing Commission is not worried about bettors getting out of control and becoming problem gamblers. The new time allowances would simply facilitate betting from more people within the state, rather than more betting from fewer people. The racetracks could surely use the business, and the state itself could surely use the taxes derived from an increase in gambling revenue.