Casino 1 on 1 Review

For the average gambler, turn away now and never look back. 1on1 Casino is for the big boys. The casino is designed for high rollers (the minimum wagering requirements per month is $25,000 USD) who expect VIP treatment as a standard. Being an active player at 1on1 Casino is like being in an exclusive club where you are given extra special treatment by being spoiled and pampered appropriately. At 1on1 Casino – special rewards, privileges, incentives, bonuses, gifts and personal care are all part of the 1on1 Casino experience. Believe me, you will not find this anywhere else.

Casino 1 on 1 Review

For those wanting to play at 1on1 Casino then you will have to request an invitation to the casino. To request an invitation you simply visit the , and follow the only link on the mainpage. If your request is for some reason denied, then you may first gamble at any one of 1on1 Casino’s sister sites (see: Related Sites). After proving that you are going to wager the required $25,000 per month, then you will most likely be automatically invited, or you can e-mail customer support requesting an invite.

1on1 Casino is a high-rollers only casino. If you request an invite but are not accepted you may still be invited by first gambling at other selected casinos below. If you wager enough money you can then e-mail customer support at your casino, or you may be automatically invited by a 1on1 Casino representative.

Hopes Linger Once Again for Legalizing Massachusetts Casinos

Massachusetts Governor-elect, Deval Patrick, is keeping the casino gambling industry hopeful of the prospects of legalizing casinos and introducing slot machines into Massachusetts. Although Patrick has openly said he is cautious and doubtful of legalized gambling in the “Baked Bean State”, he has agreed to meet with supporters of legalizing casino gambling, after which he will make a decision to push or drop the agenda by March of 2007.

It is not news that Governor-elect Patrick is familiar with gambling first-hand. He and his late mother used to wager stakes at nearby Connecticut tribal casino, Foxwoods. Despite the lucrative opportunity that legalized gambling in Massachusetts would certainly be, Patrick is still not convinced that social ills would be adequately prevented and treated.

Current Massachusetts Governor, William Francis Galvin, had hitherto objected to legalized casinos in an adamant fashion, and was instrumental in getting former prospects of introducing regulation and licensing legislation in the Massachusetts House. Although Patrick has not promised anything, just the fact that he is open to hearing out the other side in support of legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts means there is hope for negotiations.

It will be up to the lobbyists to help convince Galvin that millions in casino gambling revenue taxes could be used to help supplement the state budget and fund many of the ideas which Galvin promised during his campaign running for Governor. One such promise that will require some major budget reapportioning is Galvin’s vow to cut high property taxes and beef up Massachusetts law enforcement by increasing the police force by nearly 1,000 additional officers on the beat.