Casino Brief History

Casino Brief History

Ever since the traditional casino decided to add the simple slot machine to entertain “proper” gambler’s wives, people have been enhancing them. Firstly, more paylines were added; then diagonal paylines, wild symbols, bonus features. I all got quite complicated; but the machines were still limited to 3 reels . That changed when computer technology caught up.

Some bright sparks realised you could replicate a mechanical slot with a program; using a random number generator to mimic the spinning reels. Now real estate was no longer limited to the physical proportions of the machine; but it still had to be practical and easy to use.

The powers that be settled on 5 reels, and brought in animated graphics, complex bonus features and all kinds of interesting goodies to enliven the experience. Witness! The birth of the Video Slot!

Jargon Buster

Coin Size: Same as in 3 Reel Slots . How big is the coin you’re playing with?

Number of Coins/Lines: Almost all Video Slots have multiple paylines, and multiple coins per payline. It gets complex to remember what you are playing with here; but simply – coin size x number of coins per payline x number of paylines = size of bet.

Payline: The imaginary line drawn through all the reels that the symbols must line up on to trigger a payout.

Wild Symbol: A symbol on the reels that will substitute for any other symbol. These generally carry a multiplier, so that the winning combination’s payout is increased if you make that combination using the wild symbol.

Payout Percentage: This is the amount of coins the machine pays out to gamblers on average, as a proportion of what it brings in. In most traditional casinos this is around 75% (every dollar you bet, you can expect to get back 3 quarters). In the online world, mainly because the casinos don’t have to pay rent, this percentage is closer to 95%!