Looking for Biased Roulette Wheels

Roulette is very fun to play in online casinos. The online version truly pays out according to the inherent odds of the game, which is great for most of the time – but can actually rob those players who know how to spot biased wheels and play them correctly at other times.

In online casinos, biased roulette wheels are impossible to find, since they are strictly regulated by casino software (that is, if the software itself is unbiased) However, in land-based casinos, almost all roulette wheels are biased to a certain extent. Small irregularities in their construction become more pronounced over time and use, and can create biases in the wheel that a trained eye can spot from afar.

Biased wheels tend to favor a certain group of numbers, which can be a jackpot to the roulette player who pays close attention. The Casino Edge can be drastically cut when a biased roulette wheel is capitalized on.

Looking for Biased Roulette WheelsEven the tricks that casino floor supervisors use, like switching out roulette balls, changing wheel head speed, ball aiming and changing the speed of ball throws do not have an impact on correcting for the advantages a biased roulette wheel can give to the sharp roulette player.

Casino Upgrading Their Games and Increasing Excitement

There is an old saying that if you canâ ™t get what you want, you might get what you need. Well, in the case of Foxwoods Resort Casino, they managed to get what they want and what they need and the players are the ones who will benefit from it. The casino has long admired the programs that the slot machine maker Bally Technologies has offered for their programming options and so they have decided to turn to the new iVIEW DMâ„¢ player interface, and is now using their dispatch system for their slot machines.

This means that their players can now experience slot machines like never before. They are using their new server based and networked systems that have surpassed what other games have been able to offer thus far. The technological advances are enough to make the casinos sit up and wonder how they might be able to get these slot machines in their casinos as well. The players are now going to have access to some of the most amazing games being offered out there today; games like the Bally Pro Series, Hot Hot Habanero and Mercury all of which have proven to be very popular time and time again.

The casino is going to start rolling out the new slot machines slowly, until eventually it encompasses the gaming floor. The casino says that they are very excited by the possibilities of the games coming to their clients and that they are sure that there will be many happy patrons.