North American Poker Tour Helps HGCP’s Equity

The well-respected, publicly traded venture capital firm, Hanson Gray and Company (HGCP), has issued a press release announcing the results of an independent research report carried out by by the reputable research firm, TSC (also known as TheStreet, thestreet). TSC has a solid background working with venture capital investors, portfolio managers, account executives and various institutions. Looking favorably on HGCP, the report has raised their equity rating of HGCP at a time in which the company is knee-deep in some exciting poker gambling action.

North American Poker Tour Helps HGCPs Equity

The poker tournament is in its final stages of preproduction, now working out the particulars with an unnamed broadcast partner and various event sponsors to get the tournament televised. The tournament aims to bring together fifty of the world’s top players, and has already received commitments from Annie Duke, Phil Laak, and actress/poker champ, Jennifer Tilly. Called the North American Poker Tour, it will fall under the management of HGCP’s subsidiary, NAPP, which oversees, manages and televises high profile poker events. Also coming soon will be the anticipated International Poker Association (IPA).

HGCP President, Frank Weber, attributed the equity raising by TSC to the company’s ventures in the poker market. In addition to expressing his pleasure of having the company’s stock upgraded, Weber went on to say that the company has aggressively been pursuing to profit from the poker industry, and that their exploits will be capitalized in 2006-2007 when they air their poker games on US National Television. Weber also reinforced their sponsorship of the VH1 Classic Rock & Roll Charity Poker Tournament, which will surely get them in the spotlight with big players in the media industry.

Major advertising campaign planned

Betfair group, the online gambling concern, has contacted 23 Red, the British advertising company, hiring them to launch a massive ad campaign designed for the promotion of its online casino. The online casino in question I the Betfair poker  which provides exchange games that promote online gamblers to place wagers bet against other online players, as opposed to betting against the house.

A competitive presentation was made by 23 Red in order to acquire the contract. 23 Red has been given the job of developing an array of digitally styled communications, which is to be supported through the use of offline activity involving both direct as well as broadcast media. A campaign has already been achieved by 23 Red directed toward boosting of the public in the up and coming Betfair Asian Poker tour. This will be Singapore’s first tournament of this type. The tournament with take place between November 12th and the 17th.

Although it is true that on the whole, the online gaming market has been damaged by the introduction of United States legislation which purports to ban online companies from receiving bets from US citizens, the Betfair operation has gotten away untouched. This is because it already had United States customers. As its competitors are re-aligning their business models by directing them exclusively toward non-United States customers, Betfair is currently planning a major growth plan in order to take advantage of the current uncertainty in the online gaming market.

With its staff of 35, 23 Red was founded in 2000. It has concentrated on the development of integrated communications programs for such companies as Ladbrokes, Novartis PlayStation, Bacardi Martini, and Tizer, in the UK, and all over Europe.