Pennsylvania Casinos on the Rise

Pennsylvania Casinos on the Rise

Casinos continue to pop up across the U.S. – most backed by their own state governments with hopes of hitting a jackpot of their own in hefty taxes reaped from rows and rows of one-armed bandits. Pennsylvania is one such State, as it is now working on the opening of its fifth slot machine complemented racetrack. The Southwestern Pennsylvania area is gearing up to open the Meadows Racetrack and Casino, which will be the area’s fifth slot machine casino.

The brand new slot casino will provide roughly 425 jobs for the local area, a handful of which will have the responsibilities of acting as regulators in order to maintain the casinos standards of fairness and ethical business practices. All of the new positions, along with the eternal jingle-jangle of hundreds of slot machines will being June 5, 2007. At this point though, all of The Meadows new employees are in the depths of their extensive training, and the area’s Gaming Control Board is in the depths of its own preparation for providing audits, legal oversights and security precautions for the casino itself.

Currently, The Meadows Racetrack and Casino claim to fame is its presently running ad proclaiming “It’s So Easy” – in reference to the casinos convenient location less than a mile off of a busy exit on Interstate 79. This ease in access is already setting Meadows Casino apart from its four other predecessors. The fact that The Meadows is not the very first in the State to introduce slot machines in a casino environment is also helping State inspectors, who have more experience and are capable of smoothing out the opening process much more than they have in the past with other casinos in Pennsylvania.

 Orbis Combines With Betfair To Make Available A Truly New Type Of Betting Service

NDS group’s subsidiary Orbis, has recently announced its plans to join forces with the well known online sportsbook Betfair, to make available to the public a truly revolutionary new sports betting opportunity.

In addition to being able to access a greater and more varied number of events, this special alliance will give those clients who employ the Orbis OpenBet platform the ability and chance to make available to their customers more greatly competitive prices.

With this new interface model in place with Betfair, such leading Orbis clients as Globet, Ladbrokes, Littlewoods, Betway Sky Bet, IGH, Victor Chandler, Tote, Paddy Power, UK Betting PLC, and Blue Square, to easily directly interact with the Betfair system. This well be accomplished by means of a unique data link making available the Betfair prices, markets, and events.

As Orbis’ managing director David Loveday puts it, through joining forces with Betfair, his company now will be able to offer Orbis OpenBet customers the benefits of a landmark innovative service, making it possible for clients to minimize their risk while still making available greatly more competitive processing now being made available through the Betfair Exchange.”

The partnership itself is a milestone for the online gambling industry, since it is a totally unique form of partnership. At the present time the Orbis OpenBet system is being used by a number of bookmakers in that it makes available to customers an inclusive portfolio of games and makes it possible for customers to place their wagers through a number of methods and using a variety of products and all from the one single account, being processed by means of the same office.